Why am I seeing blank pages or "Bad Request" when using iGive?

First let's see if your browser is accepting cookies from iGive.You can check if your browser internet setting is accepting cookies, and the status of your Button on our Diagnostic Page.  

Please, ensure your browser is set to accept cookies from iGive.com. 
Generally this problem is caused by something on your computer or network blocking the sites we use for tracking, the assigning of iGive cookies and/or the iGive confirmation/coupon window.  

Security software like Norton or McAfee, and other things can do this.  There are settings in many browsers to block access to various sites, and ways to add iGive.com as a trusted site. For the technically minded, they add an entry to the HOSTS file.  You can edit that file if you wish. Unfortunately, due to the variety of such software, we don't have specific instructions for you. 

You must be accepting cookies, and have pop up blockers turned off for iGive sites, in order for donations to be tracked back from your store purchases to your favorite cause.  

Firefox Users:
If you are receiving a "400 Bad Request", you may need to follow these steps:

Clear the cache and the cookies from sites that cause problems.

  • "Clear the Cache": Firefox > Preferences > Advanced > Network > Offline Storage (Cache): "Clear Now"
  • "Remove the Cookies" from sites causing problems: Firefox > Preferences > Privacy > Cookies: "Show Cookies" 
More information can be found at: 

Internet Explorer Users:
Improper settings related to cookies, privacy, security, and "meta-refresh" can cause blank pages and other problems. To enable third-party cookies:
1- Go to Tools | Internet Options
2- Click the Privacy tab
3- Click on Advanced
4- Be sure "Override automatic cookie handling" is checked
5- Under First-party Cookies, click accept
6- Under Third-party Cookies, click accept
7- Be sure "Always allow session cookies" is checked
8- Click Ok on both screens, to save your changes.  

When you successfully link to an iGive store, your visit will be immediately visible to you at: 

If none of the above apply, or you still need help, please Submit a Support Ticket