This feature was deprecated in August, 2023 because Yahoo / Bing no longer offered this as a free service.


A "Qualified Search" is an honest search made by a real human being using the web search feature. Robots, hackers, fancy computer scripts, and other fraudulent search attempts don't count. Earnings that result from unqualified or fraudulent search activity will be reversed. Fraudulent searches may result in you or your favorite cause being excluded from

Also, the following types of search activity will not count for a donation:
 1) Searching for a URL or website domain. (Examples are search terms that end in .com, .org, .net, .edu, .tv, .ca, .mail, etc.)
 2) Searching for sites with well-known URLs. (Examples are AOL, CNN, Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail, MySpace, etc.)
 3) Repetitive Searching, defined as performing the same search more frequently than once per 60 minute period. In this case, only your first search for that term will result in a donation.
 4) Exceeding 120 searches per hour. We will honor donations for up to 120 qualified searches per user per hour.
 5) Searching for an image or video
 6) Performing a "Search This Site" search 
 7) Searching for stock quotes or word definitions
 8) Searching without having selected a cause first - we will not credit donations retroactively
 9) Dishonest Searching, defined as searching for the sole purpose of increasing the money earned, without really caring about the search results. 
 10) Searches for Coupons, iGive Stores, and iGive Travel.

It's vitally important that real people, and only real people, use in legitimate and normal ways. Otherwise, advertisers won't support us. Therefore, if we believe that any search activity isn't in this spirit, we'll declare it to be fraudulent and those earnings will be reversed.

If you are an iGive member who has chosen to receive a rebate check rather than donating your earnings, please note that you cannot raise funds for yourself through iSearchiGive.