Generally, any purchase by an active member made at a participating retailer that originates from iGive.

Here are the details:
  • the retailer must give credit to iGive.  If we don't get credited by the retailer, for any reason whatsoever, we cannot credit you and your cause.
  • in order to get credit, you MUST start by using the links on our site, the iGive Button, or the iGive mobile app.
  • Retailers may not credit iGive if you use a coupon not provided by iGive.
  • Each retailer has exceptions (e.g. products that they won't give us or you credit for).  We make our commercially reasonable best efforts to list the exceptions we know about, but unfortunately, the list is often incomplete.  If the retailer gives us credit, we'll give you credit.  If they don't, while we can complain, at the end of the day it is solely up to the retailer.
  • Some retailers' technology is imperfect.  If, for whatever reason, they don't track your purchases as having originated with iGive, they may not give us or you credit, even though you started at iGive.