Managing NewTab Cards

New to NewTab?
See our previous articles about Why NewTab, or details about Shortcuts on NewTab.

As of July 1st, 2022, we now show Cards on NewTab.

These Cards may be of three types:
* iGive Cards, which are useful messages and information about our offerings;
* Sponsored Cards, from our merchant partners, which help pay for the Dime a Day initiative;
* Cause Cards, which may be pulled from Facebook or manually created, to allow Cause to share information with their Supporters!

Cause Admins can manage their Cause Cards from the Cause ToolboxEdit Cause Information section.
Then select the "Cause Cards On New Tab" section at the bottom:

If you have any issues, please email with "New Tab Facebook Integration" in the subject line, and we'll be happy to help you!

Cause Card Generation
Prefer to manage this yourself? No problem! You can add or edit cards yourself, below the Facebook Integration section.

You can select Text and Image or Image Only. Although Image Only does NOT display the Headline, a Headline is required so you can then review and edit.

For example, take a look at this "Existing Cards" layout. Having the Headline helps to know which "Image Only" you're editing!

If you click on Edit, you'll be brought back to the same page to edit the card, with an "Update Entry" button.
In order to delete a card, just check the "Delete Card?" checkbox and click update. Voila!

You can create up to 12 cards, but only the first 3 will display at any time.
This makes it easy to prepare content for the whole month in advance, and then you can just delete the ones when you're done.

Attention MAC Users:
To get the URL (address) of an image on the web using Safari or Chrome on a Mac: 
1 - Hold down the Control key on your keyboard and then click on the image. 
2 - Choose the “Copy Image Address” option from the pop-up menu. 

To then paste it into the proper field on iGive Tools:
1 - Choose Edit > Paste 
2 - use the keyboard shortcut CMD+V (hold down the Command key and then press the V key), to paste the image URL.