iGive Button Beta Install Instructions


 (during test phase) 

  1. Uninstall existing iGive button (if installed)  

  2.Click  Here to Download the latest test version for Chrome (or Edge)  

  3. When you do that you'll probably get a download dialog something like this:  

  4. Now "extract all".  You can choose the default location.   Don't  change the name!  

  5. Now that you have it saved on your computer, time to install. 
 Open up the Chrome Extensions page and select Developer Mode 

  6. You'll see a slightly different screen, with the option to "Load Unpacked".  Choose that.  

  6. Select the Extension Directory/Folder (where you saved the zipped file in step 4)  

  7. You're Done!  If that worked the way it is supposed you should see a page that looks a bit like:  

  8. If it didn't work, please reach out to us at support@igive.com and we'll do our best to figure out why! Thanks for your help.