iGive Button with Dime A Day & NewTab

Dime a Day was the launch promotion for iGive NewTab.  It was retired in May, 2023.

Earn money for your cause - without spending a cent!  It's called NewTab, it's ad-supported, and it's an optional part of the iGive Button for your desktop or laptop.  Best of all, right now it means a dime every day you use NewTab!!

How to use it?  Just install the iGive Button.  From then on, starting your browser and/or opening a NewTab makes the magic happen.  

Google Chrome and Firefox users:  You can have the iGive Button redirect on iGive stores without also using the NewTab / Dime A Day feature.

Searches are provided by Google (or your favorite search engine).  Sponsored shortcuts are curated by iGive, and you can add your own shortcuts to make life even easier.

That's it!!

Only available for Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge users. Safari users can expect an update "soon".

To Install visit https://www.iGive.com/button

When you open a new tab in your browser, you will be asked to confirm: Click "Keep it" to begin seeing the New iGive Tab and earning Donations.


You can turn on or off the New Tab functionality in your iGive Settings page.

Under “Email, Privacy, & Popups”, click Change Settings.

Under “Optional iGive Button (Extension), you can control whether you use the iGive New Tab or not. 

You can also select whether you use a default search engine for First Tab, or whether you want the iGive New Tab on your First Tab.

You can select your default search provider here as well; this affect the First Tab you open, as well as search engine results from when you search.

Adding Shortcuts

Clicking on the Add Shortcut iCon allows you specify the name of the shortcut, and the URL for the website.  Optionally, you can also specify a different image to use for the shortcut.

Managing / Removing Shortcuts

Shortcuts that you've added can be changed or removed.  System generated shortcuts (e.g. sponsored and cause related) can not be altered or removed.

Use your mouse to over a shortcut, and you'll see three dots.  Click on those dots.

Totally Optional

You can remove the iGive Button at any time.  On Google Chrome, you can keep the store donation feature without having Dime A Day.

The easiest way to totally remove the iGive Button is to go to the Chrome store and click "remove".  For Firefox, visit here.