iGive Button (Browser Extension) Update – New Functionality: New Tab!

We’re testing a new way to earn money for your cause and we'd appreciate your help.

You'll earn A Dime A Day for trying / testing the new version of the iGive button.

The new feature?  When you open a new tab, you'll get an iGive page.  Searches are still fulfilled by Google.

Before we roll it out to everyone, we want YOUR feedback!

For the Chrome browser only, currently. If you’d like to see this for Firefox or Edge, let us know.

How to Install (Early Access)

Summary: Uninstall existing button (if it exists), download new one, unzip it, in Chrome Extensions turn on developer mode, load unzipped files, and away you go!

1. Uninstall the existing iGive Button.

* You can visit the Chrome Web Store page for iGive Button and click the Remove from Chrome button:

* Or, you can click the puzzle piece in the upper right, choose “Manage Extensions”, and then click “Remove” on the iGive Button extension:

2. Download our updated extension

Direct download link; Click Here: https://www.igive.com/button/iGive-Button-

This will save it to your Downloads folder.

3. Unzip the extension someplace safe

* Browse to your Downloads folder (or simply click the Windows File Folder in your task bar)

* Right-click the iGive-Button- file, and choose Extract All…

* It will ask you where to save it. You can extract it to the default location in your Downloads folder, or save it somewhere else (such as Desktop or Documents).

* Important! Do not delete or rename the extracted folder, since Chrome will be running the extension from there. If you often clear / delete your Downloads or Desktop, we recommend saving it somewhere safe. If you do delete it, it will only partially uninstall the new Browser Extension.

4. Install

* Open up your Chrome Extensions page, by clicking the puzzle piece in top right and “manage extensions”.

* In order to add this ‘unpacked’ extension, you’ll need to first enable Developer Mode. Slide the toggle to “on” in the upper right corner. You’ll then see some new buttons appear:

* Select the “Load Unpacked” extension button, and browse to inside the unzipped “iGive-Button-” folder. It will look like this:

* Click the “Select Folder”.

* Note: If you get an error, you’re not inside the right folder. Don’t just highlight the folder from your Downloads folder; be sure to click inside of it, so you see the “bg” and other folders.

5. Success!

* You will get a pop up window on our Thank You page, reminding you of the benefits of having the extension installed.

When you open a new tab in your browser, you will be asked to confirm: Click "Keep it" to begin seeing the New iGive Tab and earning Donations.

New Tab Functionality

Version - Option for First Tab Choice (Default Search Engine, iGive Home Page, or New Tab page).
Version - First Tab respect Search Engine preference, Cookie settings, and fmnewtab tracking.

Version - bug fixes regarding "ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND"

What’s new in Version

We’ve added a custom “New Tab” page.

Your first tab will open Google or your selected Search Provider; subsequent tabs will open the iGive New Tab page.

This page uses google-backed search, along with suggestions for stores where you can earn donations for your charity!

Just by using this page, we’ll award your charity $0.10 per day.

This adds up quickly!

If you and four others supported your charity, you could collectively earn over $20 for your charity between now and 2022 – without making a single purchase!


You can turn on or off the New Tab functionality in your iGive Settings page.

Under “Email, Privacy, & Popups”, click Change Settings.

Under “iGive Extension (Button), you can control whether you use the iGive “Dime a Day” New Tab or not. You can select your default search provider here as well; this will only affect the first tab you open (you’ll see your default search provider), or if you have the New Tab functionality turned off.