About the iGive Button

The browser extension that helps you shop

Every time you shop at an iGive store, it makes sure your group earns a bit of money. 

Grey And Ginger Cats

 Your favorite search engine 

 We're constantly improving.  Together, we can build something meaningful. Help your group and help us figure just how much money is really possible, just because you use the iGive Button. 
 Surfing the web can make a real difference. 


 Easy to install and uninstall  

 Personalized Shortcuts and Bookmarks  

 Messaging from your cause (Facebook posts), iGive, and sponsors  

 Cause Administrators: 
 How to Manage the Shortcuts and Cards 
 your supporters are shown 

 Version 1 - Facebook Postings 

 When you link iGive, your cause, and Facebook, we'll automatically display your last three Facebook posts. 


 Linking is easy, just visit your  Cause Toolbox  and use the drop down menu to manage the connection.