When will my Cause get a check


Donation checks are mailed every month, for funds calculated 75 days in arrears. This allow for merchants to report returns to us.  Newer transactions will first appear as "Pending".

First Check:
A cause's first check will be issued when $10 or more is cleared from pending.  We do this to make sure the whole process works!

Subsequent checks will be issued when the cause requested minimum of $25 is cleared from pending.  If your cause has not reached the $25 minimum, their funds will roll over to the following month.

Full detailed cause accounting is available to supporting members on the Cause Stats page under Cause.

To view this page you must have an iGive membership and be logged in at iGive.

The Check Report allows you to see a list of all checks (with dates) sent to your cause. We've even listed the check numbers, amounts and date the check cleared. NOTE: "N/A" means the check was cleared but the date is Not Available.

Please review whether we have valid e-mail and postal addresses for the organization
(both are necessary for checks to be sent.) 


Please review  iGive Causes: Goals and Strategy


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