Chrome iGive Button Reinstall

We Broke Your iGive Button for Chrome on desktops and laptops. And we're sorry!  
A broken iGive Button means your shopping on your desktop or laptop won't mean automatic donations for your cause or charity, and that's not good.
It'll take two minutes to reinstall, we've got detailed step by step pictures below.  This is for desktops and laptops only, does not affect mobile devices like phones or tablets.
Quick Background.  On 12/17/15, we released a new version of the iGive Button for Chrome desktop and laptop browsers.  Even though we had thoroughly tested it, we obviously missed something.  
Please take two minutes to uninstall and reinstall it.  Your cause will be glad you did.
1)    Uninstall your current iGive Button.  Click on the bars (hamburger menu) in the upper right corner of your browser.
2)    Click on the Extensions Menu Item: (you can also click on "more tools" then "extensions" to get here.)
3)    Uninstall the iGive Button Extension by clicking on the Trash Can.  If for some reason you don't
have the iGive Button installed, skip to step 5.
4)    Click Remove.
4a)    Exit (Close) your browser.
4b)    Restart your Chrome browser.
5)    Time to install the new version.  Visit the Chrome Store by using this link: and
then clicking the Install Button you'll find there.
6)    Once at the Chrome Store, install the iGive Button by clicking the Add to Chrome Button.
7)    Next, confirm you want the iGive Button by clicking "Add extension".
8) You're really done.  You can confirm by clicking on our little icon (it's a dandelion seed).
9) You can confirm another way.  Click on the link for Current Labels you'll see on the "Thanks for installing page".  
If everything is ok, you'll see the iGive Button in the lower right hand corner of the Current Labels web site.