iGive Button - Unable to Download

Something on your computer may be blocking the download. 
- If you have  "Norton Identity Protection", please temporarily disable it prior to loading the iGive Button. 
- AVG Anti-Virus software users click here for special installation instructions.
You may need to temporarily disable DoNotTrackPlus and/or the Norton Toolbar prior to installing iGive. You can enable them after installing iGive.

To add the iGive Button, please visit http://www.igive.com/button
or try these direct links:

Internet Explorer



Google Chrome

NOTE: Some may see an error message when installing the iGive Button on Firefox 3.6.24 - Here is their error description:

If you try to install an extension or theme, and receive the error message "Unexpected installation error -203", it is usually a result of extension configuration in your Firefox profile being corrupt or security software preventing those files from being updated.

Here is a link to the solution:

If your are still having an issue, p
lease visit: http://www.igive.com/diagnostics and follow the steps of the Diagnostics Wizard.  If this does not resolve your issues, please send Support the below details:

Are you trying to download from a personal computer or a work/shared system?

What operating system are you using?

What browser are you using to access the internet (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) and what version do you have? (To find this information, go to the "Help" menu in your browser and pull it down to the "About" menu for version details)

What other toolbars or add-ons do you have installed on your computer?

Were you running any other programs on your system at the time you attempted to install?

Are you using a firewall or other security software, and if so, what kind?

Do you use any anti-spyware software, and if so, what kind?

Sorry for any inconvenience.