iGive Ambassador Program

The iGive Ambassador program is great way for students (and others) to learn about grassroots fund raising and earn money for themselves at the same time.
The premise of iGive is simple.  Members shop on line. A percentage of their shopping is paid back to them as a rebate and iGive directs that rebate to the members favorite charity or cause.
Any cause, large or small, can use iGive to raise funds. 
A cause qualifies to be listed if it is:
  • located in the U.S. or Canada
  • engaging in legal activities that benefit the public good
iGive.com does NOT require a cause to be 501(c)-3 or otherwise tax-exempt.  
Being a member is FREE.
Listing a cause is FREE.
What does an Ambassador do?
The Ambassador seeks out causes or groups that are looking to fund raise.  
Introduces them to iGive and helps them market and promote their involvement with iGive.
The iGive Ambassador will have access to an on-line toolkit of materials to share with the cause and will be supervised by the Cause Support Department.
The Ambassador convinces an individual to list a cause with iGive. 
Once 3 members sign-up and the Ambassador makes sure the members understand how to install the iGive Button. The members keep the Button for 45 days*, the Ambassador earns $100.
Rinse and Repeat.
The more causes signed up, the more the ambassador earns.
*Button trial must begin within two weeks of the cause being listed with iGive for the Ambassador to receive credit.
Frequently Asked Questions
Who is a good cause for iGive?
Anyone that wants to earn money and can cash a check.
But seriously, fraternities, sororities, religious groups, sports teams.
What is the iGive Button and why does the shopper (or iGive care) about it?
The iGive Button is a browser add-on.  It operates behind the scenes and helps the member connect seamlessly with participating iGive Stores.  
It doesn't impact how the browser functions for the user, it simply alerts the member when they are at a store that works with iGive by placing a small green triangle in the corner of that web page.  Occasionally, members might see a drop down that would ask them to confirm that they want the purchase to support their cause.
With more than 1800 stores, it's hard for the shoppers to know ALL of the different retailers that would offer a donation to their cause, the iGive Button means you don't have to remember.  Also, it eliminates the step of logging in before you shop. Finally, the green triangle contains all the information about coupons and/or exceptions for that specific store without visiting the iGive website.
iGive knows that shoppers are more likely to shop and make donations the fewer steps it takes, and the iGive Button does just that.  
Stores will only give a donation if the shopper goes through iGive, so having the iGive Button helps to ensure that the shoppers never miss the opportunity to support their cause.
What if a cause is already a member of iGive?
Right now, the Ambassadors are focusing on new causes.  This may change in the future.