Toolbar Uninstall Instructions

The iGive Toolbar (an older version of the iGive Button software) can be uninstalled by clicking the drop-down menu (leftmost button of your Toolbar).
Click on the iGive logo in toolbar, select the option to uninstall.

PC Users:
You can also uninstall the Toolbar by closing your browser window(s) then going to 
Start | Settings | Control Panel 
Select "Add / Remove Programs" 
Click "iGive Toolbar" 
Click "Remove"
Restart your computer.

MAC Users:
If you have both Firefox and Safari the uninstall process must be done for both independently.  

- If uninstall from the browser does not work: 
Navigate here: /Applications/Toolbars/iGive Toolbar/
Click to run it manually.

- If uninstall application is not working at all:
Restart your computer and DO NOT open Safari
Navigate to here: /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins/iGiveToolbar.bundle
Restart your computer.