Missing Transactions

There can sometimes be a reporting issue.

If you were logged in to iGive, accepting cookies, and started by using a link in our newsletter, the iGive Button (Donation Enabled), or directly from our site to go directly to a merchant, the transaction should have been tracked and the donation automatically recorded. 

When you successfully link to an iGive store, your visit will be immediately visible to you at: http://www.iGive.com/html/storevisits.cfm  Check there to see if your visit was tracked.

We must wait 10 days from the purchase date (or travel date) before declaring any transaction as missing.  After this waiting period, please use our Missing Transaction form athttps://old.igive.com/html/body_missingtrans.cfm

Enter as much information as possible (substitute mm/dd/yy for missing visit numbers).  Remember to check for any exceptions posted with the store on iGive when entering purchase amounts. 

We use that form to both give you credit, and to figure out what went wrong.