Why am I seeing a Virus Alert?

We are aware that AVG anti-virus software (and other anti-virus software) can cause issues with some of our members.  
Why? iGive.com and the iGive Button need to employ "cookies" so your shopping can be tracked and reported back for your cause to get a donation.  iGive members are identified by a visit ID number, so no personal information is ever shared.  AVG and other anti-virus programs don't know if we are using these "cookies" for good or bad reasons.
We're the good kind of tracking software.
We are protective of member/cause information, so If your protection software is triggered, it's safe to ignore and allow.
One way you can help with this is to ask AVG or any other virus software to "white-list" iGive.com. Simply send them an email and ask them to add BackgroundHost.exe and BackgroundHost64.exe to the safe programs list.
If you have Norton or Symantec, they have advised us to send users to these articles on configuring "exceptions."
Details on configuring local exceptions:
Norton products: http://symc.ly/1MAYaND
If you have AVG anti-virus software installed, you may see the following false alert popped-up by AVG. If you see this, you can go ahead and click the "Allow" button to continue the installation. For more information, click here.
AVG False Alert
If you are using Firefox, Privacy Extension DuckDuckGo will misidentify the iGive sofrware as an ALERT! threat.  It is not.
Also, we offer members downloads for all devices for ease of use.  When downloaded, your iGive software will "phone home" to the iGive database for up-to-date store lists and donation information.  
Please check "allow" or 'okay", there should be a setting to white-list/adjust your settings in the protection software to stop notifications. If you have the ability to add items to your white-list add BackgroundHost.exe and BackgroundHost64.exe to the safe programs list.  Alas, due to the variety of providers we do not have specific instructions.  Our apologies for any inconvenience.
Remember:  iGive.com will work without the optional download. You are welcome to support your cause by using the store links on our site, or in our newsletters.
For iPads, the iGive/iPad App is available for free in the App Store.
For Android, the iGive/Android App is available for free in the Google Play Store.

For iPhones and other mobile devices, when you visit our site, after logging in, it should prompt you to add an iGive Shortcut to your device.  Visit: http://www.iGive.com/mobile after logging in.