Amazon - Special Instructions

Shopping at Amazon will benefit your cause. However, Amazon reporting is unique and unlike all other iGive stores.  You must use a direct iGive link* to get a donation from Amazon purchases.
  • Amazon will not report the necessary order information to allow us to identify the iGive member who made the purchase.  Amazon purchases will not appear on the member Shopping Report, but your cause will receive credit.  A total figure of all supporters' Amazon donations appears on the Cause Dashboard, under Cause.  
We are unable to investigate any individual Amazon transaction. 
(This is why Amazon Transactions are excluded from all member bonus offers.)  
  • When you successfully link to an iGive store, a record of it is posted with your Store Visits.
  • If you see your store visit there, then tracking is working! (you may need to refresh the page.)
We agree this is an unusual arrangement,'s Amazon
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